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L-Shaped, Kidney-Shaped & Custom-Shaped Swimming Pool Pictures

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As the leading pool builder in Minnesota, we are constantly talking to customers about putting in new swimming pools for their homes in Minneapolis St. Paul. Many customers are surprised at the variety of shapes available for vinyl in-ground swimming pools. They’re also surprised at the affordable pricing of a uniquely shaped pool for their homes. In our 30+ years of building swimming pools for Minnesotans, we’ve built custom-designed pools of all shapes and sizes, to suit available spaces and the aesthetic preferences of our customers, with Rectangular, Oval, Round, Kidney, L-Shaped pools as the most common choices. On this page and our other page of unique swimming pools shapes, you can see some samples of specially shaped swimming pools we can build for you. The design possibilities are almost endless, and our experienced swimming pool consultants will be happy to help you create your own unique design.

Shaped Inground Swimming Pool – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Your Twin Cities home is unique. You’ve put a lot of thought into it and made it your own. When considering an inground swimming pool for your backyard, choosing a pool design that is something different than the usual rectangular pool can make your back yard unique as well. Today’s pool designs include many shapes and sizes to suit your personal taste. Atlantis Pool & Spa offers a large selection of attractive, non-traditional pool shapes. When you’re starting the design process, ask your Minneapolis St. Paul Atlantis pool consultant how a non-rectangular design can fit into your plans.