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Minnesota Swimming Pool Design and Construction

Making important decisions about a swimming pool can be a challenge. After all, it’s a major home improvement, and you want it to be a valuable, long-term investment in your home. On this page, you’ll find accurate, objective information on a wide range of important topics. As the Twin Cities most trusted pool company, we believe that helping our customers understand the complexities of design, installation and other issues is an important factor in their complete satisfaction. We hope you’ll spend all the time you need to learn more about this exciting enhancement for your home. We’ll also be happy to answer all of your questions and give you even more information in a free consultation at your home.

  • Pool Construction MN

    Inground Pool Construction for Minnesota

    Minnesota winter conditions mean that swimming pools built here have to take the extremes of weather into consideration. During the low temperatures, the ground freezes solid, and can shift due to the expansion of water when it freezes. Pools built without proper design and construction can easily be damaged. A quality pool builder takes all of these aspects into consideration and will create your pool to withstand anything a Minnesota winter can dish out.

  • Pool Construction

    Pool Construction Time

    As a major project, the time needed to build a swimming pool in the Twin Cities is an important factor for most prospective pool owners. While the actual construction time is usually around 2½ to 3 weeks, depending on the particular project, other factors such as scheduling, permits and weather also affect the time needed before you can start swimming in your backyard. The bottom line is that the sooner you make a decision, the sooner you’ll be swimming.

  • Lap Swimming Pool

    Lap Pools, Therapy Pools & Specialty Pools

    If you need a specialized swimming pool, such a lap pool, for your home or commercial building, our design and construction team can create almost anything you can imagine. From diving and lap-swimming pools to therapy pools and custom-built spas, we’re your complete Twin Cities swimming pool and spa contractor. We offer highly competitive pricing, creative designs and top-notch construction. Just contact us with your ideas and we’ll help make them a reality.

  • Gunite Pool Construction

    Understanding Gunite Swimming Pools

    When you think of permanent, concrete in-ground swimming pools, you may wonder exactly how these pools are built. Today’s permanent swimming pools are made of Gunite, a special sprayed-in form of concrete that is reinforced with a complex, strong grid of steel rods. Constructing a Gunite swimming pool is a very complicated process and can only be done by a pool company that has extensive experience and expertise.

  • Outdoor Swimming Pools

    Top 5 Pool Ownership Benefits

    Owning an outdoor swimming has many benefits. A backyard pool is a great gathering place for the family and pulls all family members together. It provides an excellent place for friends to socialize. Swimming is a very healthy exercise and allows you and your family to enjoy the outdoor. A pool enhances the beauty of your home and adds more value, making this a high-return investment. On a hot summer day, there is no better place than a backyard pool.

  • Back Yard Swimming Pools

    Will a Pool Fit in Your Backyard?

    Some Minneapolis St. Paul homes have back yards that may be smaller than others, or that may have an unusual shape, or steep slope, or other unusual characteristics. If your yard fits any of those descriptions, you may wonder whether a pool can even be built to fit your yard. In almost all cases, the answer is yes. Our company has built pools in yards like yours all over the Twin Cities in its 30+ years of pool building. We can design and build one in your yard, too.

  • Backyard Pool Installation

    Backyard Swimming Pool Design & Construction

    Our Minnesota swimming pool construction company designs and builds backyard pools at affordable prices. Having a back yard pool allows you to relax and fully enjoy our summer season. Swimming is a very healthy exercise. A swimming pool is a great place for families to gather and friends to socialize. The idea of vacationing in the backyard is not just a dream. We have a wide range of options that will make your dream of owning a backyard pool come true.

  • Fiberglass Pool Minnesota Winters

    Why Avoid Fiberglass Pools in Minnesota

    While fiberglass in-ground swimming pools are offered by some companies as an inexpensive alternative to vinyl and concrete swimming pools, several factors make them unsuitable for Minnesota homeowners. Fiberglass swimming pools are prone to damages caused by our harsh winters, high water tables and aging. The total cost of ownership is much higher for those who own a prefab fiberglass pool. Here’s a look at the reasons why you should avoid buying a fiberglass pool.

  • Swimming Outdoors Minnesota

    How Long Is the Swimming Season in Minnesota

    In the middle of a Minnesota winter, it’s hard to imagine how much of the year is suitable for aquatic recreation. The reality is surprising to many people. Pool owners in the Minneapolis St. Paul area generally begin using their pools in April, and continue enjoying their pools well into October. That seven-month swimming season varies from year to year, of course, and can be extended with a careful selection of pool options.

  • Pool Spa Installation

    Why Install a Poolside Spa

    If you own a swimming pool, you know just how important it has become to your family’s outdoor recreation experience. Swimming, lounging, socializing, and good, healthful exercise for the entire family makes your pool one of your best investments. Adding a custom-designed in-ground spa to your pool area can increase your pleasure and increase the value of your backyard recreation investment. We have been building inground poolside spas for our customers for over 30 years.

  • Pool Automatic Covers

    Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

    A pool cover is an important safety device that keeps uninvited guests from jumping in. Installing an automatic swimming pool cover keeps leaves, dirt and debris out of your pool, reducing the need for pool cleaning service. A pool cover prevents heat loss and saves your energy cost. Pool chemicals can evaporate into the air when the pool is not covered over a long period of time, wasting money. An auto pool cover is very convenient to operate. We installs SwimWise pool covers for any pool size or shape.

  • Swimming Pool Pumps

    Swimming Pool Pumps

    Your in-ground swimming pool uses a pump for many purposes, from circulating the water through the filter to supplying a steady flow to the heater and other systems. Whether you’re installing a new pool or looking for a replacement pump, reliability and performance should be at the top of your priority list. As a leading pool builder that has quality as our top priority, we recommend Hayward High Performance, EcoStar, TriStar or MaxFlo Pumps for long life and reliable, economical operation.

  • Pool Filters

    Swimming Pool Filters

    Keeping the water in your inground swimming pool clear and clean is a high priority for health, safety and enjoyment. Key to this is your choice of pool filter system. Selecting the right water filtration system is a choice you need make when installing a new pool, and a choice you can make when you decide to upgrade or replacement outdated equipment. Our swimming pool construction and supplies company recommends Hayward pool filters for their high quality, long life and affordable prices.

  • Pool Heaters

    Swimming Pool Heaters

    Adding a pool heater to your in-ground swimming pool has a number of advantages. Keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature for swimming lengthens your swimming season, and that’s important in Minnesota, with its long winters and cool spring and fall seasons. Maximizing heating efficiency is important to keep costs low. Hayward offers several high-quality, efficient pool heating systems using advanced technology. We supply Hayward products at affordable prices.

  • Salt Chlorinators

    Salt Water Pool Automatic Water Purification

    A revolutionary new system of chlorinating swimming pools is sweeping the industry. By generating chlorine automatically from a small amount of salt added to the pool water, this salt water automatic chlorination system can maintain constant, carefully-regulated amounts of chlorine in any pool, keeping the water pure and sanitized without all the work needed by old-fashioned manual chlorination systems.

  • Pool Liner Repair

    Pool Liner Repair Service

    When the vinyl liner of your in-ground pool gets damaged, it’s very important to repair it as soon as you can. Leaving a pool liner unrepaired can cause costly additional damage and can even lead to the need to replace the entire liner. While you can do some minor repairs yourself, more serious damage needs professional repair. As a full-service pool company, we provide affordable liner repair service to fix cuts, tears, sagging and wrinkles. Our highly skilled technicians can repair any damages and restore your pool’s beauty and operation at an affordable price.

  • Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

    Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

    Among the many choices you’ll make when selecting options for your new vinyl in-ground swimming pool, picking out the liner is one of the most important decisions. It’s also one of the most enjoyable choices. The liner plays a big role in determining the overall appearance of your pool. As the top pool installation and supplies company, we offer the largest selection of vinyl liners. The liner’s price depends on quality, size, shape, color and pattern, and we have the best prices. We use only top-quality pool liners and install them perfectly for long-lasting durability.

  • Pool Liner Replacement

    Replace Vinyl Pool Liners

    There comes a time for every vinyl in-ground swimming pool when the liner needs to be replaced. Vinyl liners last for years, but can eventually develop problems that require a replacement. Fortunately, replacing the liner is surprisingly affordable, and will restore your pool to like-new condition. If your pool’s liner is damaged, sagging, faded, or if you just want a new look, it can be replaced quickly and economically. As the largest pool supplies dealer, we offer the widest selection and the best prices.

  • Swimming Pool Steps

    Pool Steps & Ladders

    Any in-ground swimming pool is greatly enhanced by the addition of walk-in steps, ladders, benches, ledges and lounge seats. If you’re designing a new pool, make sure to ask about these popular and functional additions to your pool design. If you have an existing pool or are re-lining an in-ground pool, consider adding these convenience features for more enjoyment. We offer a wide variety of options of pool ladders, steps and entry and exit features at affordable prices. Your pool will be greatly in its beauty and accessibility.

  • Swimming Pool Lighting

    Pool Lighting Options

    Whether you’re designing a brand-new pool or spa or replacing the vinyl liner of an existing pool, enhance your enjoyment of the pool & spa environment around the clock by adding exciting and functional lighting systems. New technology makes this lighting even safer and more. Lighting options are even available for existing pools and spas. We offer a wide range of choices, from traditional underwater lighting to the newest automatically controlled LED lighting, and from fiber optic lighting to glare-free environmental lighting.

  • Swimming Pool Water Features

    Swimming Pool Water Features

    Any swimming pool is an exciting addition to your property, but installing water features in and around your pool adds even more enjoyment for everyone. When you’re designing a new pool, or if you want to enhance your existing pool, think about including one or more water features, including waterfalls, waterspouts, slides and splash pads. They’re a great way to make your swimming pool unique, and even more valuable.

  • Pool Auto Cover

    Swimming Pool Accessories

    Adding accessories to your Minnesota swimming pool can dramatically enhance its recreational potential and make your pool even more attractive, not matter the season or time of day. Atlantis Pool & Spa can provide a full range of pool accessories – at design time or for your existing pool. We install and supply automatic swimming pool covers, diving boards, pool slides, LED pool lighting, and various pool toys. If you need a poolside spa, we design and build permanent in-ground spas at affordable costs.

  • Pool Product Supplies MN

    Swimming Pool Supplies

    As a leading swimming pool construction company, we supply everything you need to operate your pool smoothly. We carry top-quality pool products by Hayward, including pumps, heaters, filters, chlorinators, water purification systems, cleaners and LED lighting systems. We also install and stock all pool accessories, including automatic covers, diving boards, steps, ladders, water safety products, floats, pool toys and much more. We offer highly competitive prices and our store is conveniently located in the Twin Cities.

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Before you make an investment in any home improvement, you should take the time to learn as much as possible about your project and the contractor you hire to create it. For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to installing the very best inground swimming pools available in the Twin Cities metro area. Part of that commitment is to provide the best possible customer experience and the highest quality products and services. We’re proud and humbled by our outstanding reputation in the area, and are always working to create superb inground pools at costs that match your budget. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation at your location or visit our store to discover how an in-ground pool can be your best choice in outdoor recreation.