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In-Ground Swimming Pool Construction – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

After all the decisions have been made in the design of your new in-ground pool, construction can be scheduled. As a premier Minnesota pool builder, our experienced construction team is busy throughout the season, building new aquatic recreation facilities for homeowners and commercial properties. Once a date is set, it will take from 2 to 3 weeks to complete the installation. Construction brings a lot of activity to your backyard, as you can see in our illustrations of swimming pool building process below:

Building any swimming pool is a big project. Here in Minnesota, our winter weather adds some special construction requirements, since freeze-and-thaw cycles can cause earth movements. Pool construction techniques used in warmer climates just won’t do the job here. Only an experienced Minnesota pool construction company should be trusted to build your pool in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

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  • Step 1: A precision excavation to the specifications for your pool begins the construction.
  • Step 2: A corrosion-resistant metal wall assembly, with three-way bracing and deck support system forms the outline of the pool.
  • Step 3: A solid concrete foundation around the pool adds additional strength to the bracing and forms a base for the backfill.
  • Step 4: Separate pipes and flexible lines for each inlet or outlet are plumbed, leading to the pump and filter location.
  • Step 5: Poolcrete is placed and carefully smoothed to provide a hard, strong surface for the vinyl liner below the metal walls.
  • Step 6: The custom vinyl liner is installed, using extreme care to prevent any wrinkles or air pockets that can cause later problems.
  • Step 7: The excavation around the pool is carefully backfilled, surrounding the supports and tying the pool to the overall site.
  • Step 8: Decking and surrounding landscaping finishes the installation, and the pool is filled and ready for use.

Most people haven’t seen a pool under construction, so you need to understand what is involved. While each pool is unique, the basic building process is similar for all installations. Since the vinyl in-ground pool is the most common type for Minnesota residential use, we’ve chosen it to illustrate the construction process. The slide show on this page shows you the basics. The actual construction details may vary for your particular site and design choices.

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As you can see from the details of the construction process, experience and dedication to excellence is necessary for you to get the beautiful, durable pool you deserve. With 30+ years of experience building and maintaining swimming pools in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, we have a long history of building affordable and durable pools. Experience and dedication to the highest standards and complete customer satisfaction is our hallmark. Don’t settle for less. Call our company today to begin planning the swimming pool in your family’s future.