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Swimming Pool Products Minneapolis MN When it comes to supplying products for both new and existing swimming pools throughout the Twin Cities metro area, our company has only one standard for what we offer. Top quality is that standard. In our 30+ years of designing, building, and maintaining in-ground swimming pools in Minneapolis St. Paul and across Minnesota, we’ve learned that affordable, durable products in all areas are the key to long-term value and customer satisfaction. So, we’ve researched the marketplace and applied our extensive experience to select only those products that fully meet our standards to offer our valued customers. Whether you have hired us to build a new inground pool for your home or business, or need new parts to update or replace existing equipment, you can count on our swimming pool company for these premium-quality components, at highly competitive prices.

  • Automatic Pool Covers

    Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

    • Keeps your pool safe and clean
    • Saves heating costs and chemicals
    • Quick and easy to operate

    Having an automatic cover is essential for ease of operation. A cover prevents dirt, debris and leaves from falling into the pool. It reduces the need for frequent cleaning. It also prevents the loss of heat and chemicals and save your money. The auto cover is convenient to operate. No more dragging the heavy cover when opening or closing your pool.

  • Swimming Pool Pumps

    Pool Pumps

    • Industry-leading quality and engineering
    • Complete line of swimming pool pumps
    • Durable and easy to clean

    Hayward swimming pool pumps are our choice to offer our customers, due to their legendary quality and performance, along with their highly competitive pricing. Efficient in operation and durable in performance, there is a Hayward pump that is a perfect match for any existing or swimming pool.

  • Swimming Pool Filter

    Pool Filters

    • Sizes and filter types to fit all in-ground pools
    • Excellent water clarity
    • Easy to maintain

    Available in all filter types, including sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth models, you’ll find the perfect filter from Hayward to match your cleaning needs and your quality standards. Easy to maintain and designed for a lifetime of service, they’re the only pool filters that meet our exacting standards for quality and value.

  • Swimming Pool Heater

    Pool Heaters

    • High efficiency and low emissions
    • Quality engineering and manufacturing
    • Wide range of models

    When it comes to heating your in-ground swimming pool, Hayward has a solution that’s a perfect match for the job and your budget. Hayward heaters are highly efficient for energy bill savings and offer the reliability and performance you need for comfort throughout the season.

  • Pool Water Chlorinator

    Salt Chlorination and Water Purification

    • Eliminates constant testing and adding chlorine
    • Destroys harmful bacteria and algae
    • Automatically monitors and maintains optimal purification

    The old days of constantly having to test your pool for proper chlorine levels and of adding chlorine to your pool are over. Today, automatic salt water pool purification lets you enjoy your pool, while automation technology maintains precisely the right chlorine levels to keep the water safe, clean and pure.

  • Vinyl Pool Liners

    New Vinyl Pool Liners and Pool Liner Replacement

    • High-quality liners mean great value that lasts
    • Liners for every pool shape and size
    • A wide range of beautiful designs

    Whether it is for new or replacement installation, we have durable vinyl liners of all shapes and sizes. Our company recommends selecting only the highest possible quality pool liner. That assures you of long-lasting beauty and a minimum of damage or tear issues.

  • Pool Steps Ladders

    Pool Steps and Ladders

    • Easy, safe entry and exit from your pool
    • Steps and ladders designed to match your needs
    • Seats and benches, too

    Whether you’re designing a new swimming pool or planning a remodeling project, choosing the right pool step systems, ladders, and seating areas is important. We offer a wide range of pool entry systems, ladder systems with all safety features, along with built-in seating and more. Just ask us to show you all the options.

  • Swimming Pool Lighting

    Swimming Pool Lighting Systems

    • Traditional underwater pool lighting
    • Fiber-optic lighting
    • LED underwater lighting

    Underwater lighting for your swimming pool adds drama, excitement, and safety to using your swimming pool at night. For new or existing pools, our top-rated Minnesota pool company has a wide array of options for you, including automated and animated light displays.

  • Swimming Pool Water Features

    Pool Water Features

    • Water fountains, waterfalls and spa spillways
    • Water slides and spraygrounds
    • Waterspouts, deck jets and fan sprays

    Water features added to your new or existing inground pool bring increased enjoyment for family and guests of all ages. For many Twin Cities pool owners, these features are a popular way to personalize their pools and are often added to create a new look and fresh excitement.

  • Swimming Pool Accessories

    Swimming Pool Accessories

    • Swimwise automatic pool covers
    • Polaris automatic pool vacuums
    • Inter-fab diving boards and slides

    Customize your pool by adding accessories to create more fun, simplify maintenance, and enhance safety and energy savings. At our Twin Cities store, we can show you a wide variety of accessories for your brand new pool or to perk up your existing pool.

Affordable In-Ground Pool Parts and Products in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

We invite you to come in and visit us at our convenient Maple Grove swimming pool showroom. We’ll show you all the ways you can make your swimming pool unique, and keep it in tip-top condition. We’ve chosen only the very best products, and our prices are always highly competitive. Make us your source for everything you need, from building your new swimming pool to supplying you with a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment. We’d love to meet you and help you in every possible way.