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In-Ground Swimming Pool’s Main Mechanical Parts

Your in-ground swimming pool is far more than just a beautiful hole in the ground full of water. A set of equipment keeps the water in your pool circulating, clean, pure, and at an ideal temperature. Working constantly and unnoticed, the mechanical systems are crucial for the normal operation and enjoyment of your pool.

Swimming Pool Parts

As a leading pool design and construction company in Minnesota, we know that selecting reliable equipment for these mechanical systems is the key to the long-term performance and cost savings. That’s why we recommend Hayward products and other best-in-class brands when specifying the parts and equipment. Priced competitively with other brands, Hayward products provide the quality, durability, performance, and safety you need for long-term value. Click the links below to learn more about these crucial system components:

  • Swimming Pool Pumps

    Swimming Pool Pumps

    The pump is the heart of the entire mechanical system. It constantly circulates water through the filter and heater, and even powers your automatic cleaning equipment. Hayward swimming pool pumps combine top-of-the-line engineering and manufacturing technology with proven performance, durability and value to make them your best choice. There’s a Hayward pump to suit every design, and our designers will help you select the right pump that lasts a long time and saves your energy cost.

  • Swimming Pool Filters

    Swimming Pool Filters

    You expect the water in your inground swimming pool to be sparkling clean at all times. That’s the job of the filter. Available in several different types, the filters process all of the water in your pool several times a day as it is pumped through them. We recommend and install Hayward filters, because we know that their premium quality and durability, along with their performance live up to your expectations and our demands for top performance at affordable prices.

  • Pool Water Chlorinators

    Automatic Salt Water Chlorination Systems

    In the past, keeping swimming pool water safe and free of harmful bacteria was a constant chore. Even with automated chlorinators, water purification could be a hassle. All that has changed. While we still install a few automated chlorination systems, today’s automated salt water purification systems, like the Hayward AquaRite systems we recommend and install, make constant testing and adding chlorine chores from the past. Let us show you how simple and effective water purification can be.

  • Swimming Pool Heater

    Swimming Pool Heaters

    In Minnesota, almost all inground swimming pool owners choose to heat their pools. Our chilly spring and fall weather makes effective pool heating a must to extend the swimming season as long as possible. Choosing the right heater is crucial, since high efficiency and long-lasting performance means lower energy bills. As an experienced pool contractor, we’ll help you select the exact Hayward heater that will give you the performance and durability you need to keep your pool comfortable throughout the season, while keeping your pool heating costs as low as possible.

Minnesota Trusted Swimming Pool Company in Minneapolis St. Paul

With 30+ years of inground pool design and construction experience, we have seen a wide range of swimming pool parts and equipment come and go with time. We’ve researched the entire industry and have chosen the dependable products that our customers can count on for reliability, durability and affordability. We know that our reputation and our customers’ satisfaction depends on our products and service. Call us today and let our experts show you why quality products and services mean true value.