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In-Ground Swimming Pools with an Automatic Cover

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Covering your swimming pool is almost essential in Minnesota. For maximum enjoyment and ease of use, Atlantis Pool & Spa recommends an automatic pool cover, installed when we build your new inground pool or for your existing swimming pool. Since it operates quickly and with no manual effort, you’ll use it consistently and get all the benefits of a covered pool. The cost of an automatic pool cover is affordable, and the benefits can save money and time for you throughout your pool ownership. Those benefits include:

  • A Cleaner Pool – Automatic covers keep debris out of your pool from tree leaves, blowing dust, and landscaping work. You save time and money on pool cleaning costs.
  • A Safer Pool – With an automatic pool cover, it’s easy to keep your pool covered whenever you’re not using it. Operated with a key lock, it prevents unauthorized access to your pool, an important feature. It also keeps pets and wild animals out of your pool.
  • A More Economical Pool – Keeping your pool covered when not in use saves on energy costs. By slowing down heat loss, your pool heater runs less, and that means big savings.

Minnesota Inground Pools with an Automatic Cover

Adding an automatic safety cover to your new Twin Cities inground pool is a great idea. You’ll save energy, water, and chemicals. The cover also greatly improves safety when you’re not using your pool and helps keep your pool clean by preventing debris from falling or blowing into the pool. Ask the expert pool consultants at our pool construction company about including an automatic safety cover in your design. They’ll be happy to show you how this feature is one of the best accessories you can specify for your new Twin Cities pool.