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The Cost of Installing an In-Ground Swimming Pool – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Pool Cost Minneapolis St Paul MN When you’re considering putting in a swimming pool at your home or other property, cost is always a consideration. It’s a major improvement project. The cost is different for each pool, of course, but a new in-ground pool is similar in price to other home improvement projects, like adding on a room or a major remodeling job. Like those other projects, your pool will add value to your home and improve your quality of life. A pool is also a long-term investment, so consider its cost divided by its lifetime to get a true idea of its cost.

Our Minnesota pool design and construction company can build a complete, ready-to-use vinyl in-ground pool at your Twin Cities home for under $37,000. That’s the price of a nice car or a room addition. There’s a pool to fit every home and budget. Here are some of the factors that go into the cost of a pool:

  • Materials – Vinyl in-ground pools are less expensive to build than concrete pools. Which type of pool you choose is a major factor in the total cost. As a leading pool contractor in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, we build highly affordable vinyl pools, designed to withstand the harsh Minnesota winter weather.
  • Inground Pool Cost MN Size – The size of your pool is a very important factor in the cost. A larger excavation, more materials, and additional plumbing and larger-capacity supporting equipment all add to the cost as the size goes up.
  • Options – Pool options, such as pool covers, automatic pool vacuums, decking, water slides, lighting, and other optional equipment all add to the total price of your pool.
  • Cost Over Time – The true cost of a pool is best measured over the lifetime of the pool. Dividing the cost of your pool by the number of years it will be part of your home is the only true way to calculate the cost. Today’s swimming pools have a very long lifetime, making the cost per year surprisingly low. A pool is less expensive, in most cases, than an annual trip to a resort destination with your family, and far cheaper than owning and maintaining a vacation home, but gives you the opportunity to vacation right in your backyard any time.

When thinking about the cost of a swimming pool for your home, keep in mind the benefits of pool ownership. How much do you value healthful exercise and how much can you save on expensive health club fees? What is the value of having your family, especially your children, close to home and enjoying the active social life a swimming pool encourages? How much can you save on expensive vacation trips by owning a pool? When you include all of the factors, having your own swimming pool is well worth its cost.

When Shopping for a Swimming Pool, Compare the Total Cost

Swimming pool building is a highly competitive industry. That can lead to deceptive pricing by some unethical Minnesota pool builders, who will quote a low initial price to make a sale. That price, however, may not include everything you need to have a complete, ready-to-use swimming pool with all the equipment every pool needs. It’s very important to compare pricing for a complete swimming pool, fully equipped for your recreation and designed to withstand our harsh Minnesota winters. At Atlantis Pool & Spa, we’re always competitive in price with any other pool builder for an equivalent pool, but we never use deceptive pricing to make a sale.

Affordable Prices for Outdoor & Indoor Swimming Pools – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

As the most trusted pool builder in Minnesota, we completely understand your concern about the cost of putting in an indoor or outdoor pool. When you visit our pool showroom or have one of our pool consultants visit your home, we’ll provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about adding a pool to your home. We’ll never offer you a low price that’s based on a pool you can’t use until you add in necessary features. We’ll show you all your options and provide you with an accurate estimate of how much your pool will actually cost, then show you how our high-quality materials and meticulous construction adds years to the life of your project, lowering your cost over time. Contact us soon about your pool project, or visit our convenient showroom. Let us show you why our pool customers refer their friends and neighbors to Atlantis Pool & Spa.